the new poD starting on 23/01/23 - only 2 spaces left


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Introducing THE 2nd pod of ascend

The Soul Changing '6 Month Mastermind"

downloaded for Selene Krystal to serve YOU.

Stargate POD I am ready 


and become YOUR own Master Builder, building your own future.

Listen to how you can create a new magnificent habitation and your New Life. To SHINE the light from within

(Many building analogies included).


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shine your light

Join 'THE' 6 Month MASTERMIND.

The Holy Grail to magnetise the life you were created for.

To recode, rewire, recreate, rebuild a new reality for you and for the world.

Become your own Engineer of light and master builder.


©Selene Krystal & Co.

the new poD starting on 23/01/23 - only 2 spaces left


reserve your place now & receive free quantum healing activations

(worth £666)

Part of the MAGIC of ASCEND, is that we will go with the flow.

Never before have I worked with Spirit in this manner and I have never 'led' or 'guided' a group this way. 

However, I know for certain that with the right energies and intentions these INFINITY POD's will create the shift you are desiring and seeking in your life.

You either KNOW your are in or you are not.

This is about true INNER KNOWING.

Uncover your True Potential and become a MASTER of MINDS with others in your INFINITY POD of 8*.

ENERGY WORK and Group HEALING with others in your INFINITY POD of 8* plus so much more.

CHECK OUT HOW being of ascend CAN  IMPACT YOU 

The second I heard Bob Proctor describing a Mastermind group, I knew I wanted one in my life.  Luckily, I have found that in our Ascend pod and I am eternally grateful. Selene stays abreast of the newest developments in the self-help industry and passes that knowledge onto her students, which is invaluable.  Selene gracefully and graciously leads us through and to exactly where we are all meant to be.  The support we receive from every member of the group is unwavering and invaluable. I feel it is a privilege to be part of something so cutting edge and truly effective.

Karen hall - USA 


This journey that I have found myself on with Selene in the Ascend pod has got to be the most authentic experiences I have ever been involved in. I am a true believer that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I feel this is definitely the case with me. I have been on the path of self development which gave me the awareness to clear and change certain aspects of my personality, but being involved in this group on a regular basis is on another level of consciousness, being able to grow, to heal and discovering new aspects of ourselves, has been so exciting.

I feel it is joining the dots up of what I know and what I don’t know and in a group setting it gives you the confidence to speak about what’s happening and that is so comforting that you feel supported on the most precious journey of our life’s and for that I am forever grateful to be a part of Ascend.

Thank you 🙏 Selene Krystal. We were never meant to do this alone.

Heidi Rowe - UK

“I have found the ASCEND mastermind very helpful especially during a time of great transition. This has inspired me and I am mostly participating by watching replays and sharing my experiences, issues and feedback synchronously on the private Mighty Networks group.

I especially found the Wednesday sessions helpful even though when I initially signed up for the mastermind, I had no idea that is the shape it will take.”

Puja- UK


Weekly Masterminds bringing all minds together

Accountability Pods

Weekly Masterclasses

Group Healing Sessions

World Class Inspirational Speakers, Teachers, Trainers every month as an extra

Meditations & Guidance

Exclusive "33 Days to Quantum Creation".

Priceless spiritually minded conscious community


As you know, this is a UNIQUE way of creating and TRUST and an open heart to give and to receive is required to be part an INFINITY POD.

AND NOW.......

Includes the Exclusive new program

"33 Days of Quantum Creation"

Be part of the


shine your light

2nd 'Stargate Cohort'

Taking your soul and your creation Quantum Leaping to the next level.

I will connect with you very shortly as this is a personal invite and not for the masses at this stage. 

©Selene Krystal & Co.

transcript of introduction video

Do you feel that there is something inside of you that really, really wants to burst out? 

Do you feel that you are on the cusp of just changing everything in your life? 

Do you feel that you are on the path of, let us the word: awakening or just realising there really is something more? Something more that you could be being AND/or doing?


There are so many feelings that are being elevated that are ascending around us at the moment.

My name is Selene Krystal and I want to be able to share with you that you are not alone. 

I like to say that what is happening with the awakening of the new earth is that the universal energies are awakening the engineers of light that is within us all. 

I like to use the building analogies for my understandings as building and real estate being my background before I unleashed the inner engineer of light and became a master builder of groups of Infinity Pods, that being Infinity Pods of Light. (more on that later!)

And we all know that we need a solid foundation to be able to build something that's strong.

Now, what is a lighting engineer? A lighting engineer controls the lights, it rigs them, it moves them around appropriate positions. It selects the intensity of the light. It applies layers and shades of light. 

See I am getting carried away.

And when I thought about that, I saw and felt the engineer of light within, inside all of us.

However, we are living within the construct of the 3D world at this present time here on Earth, where these constructs dim these networks of light within us.

Maybe we don't feel that we are shining as much as we know that we can shine. 

And if we just think about wiring a house, there's connections that need to be made, there's junction boxes, there's diversion within the cables, there's switches. It's all part of the network that lights up the dwelling or the building. And it all needs to work together in harmony for that light to shine brightly.


If there are any breaks, blockages within the circuit, the lights don’t work.

And this is exactly what's going on inside of us. 


So I'd like to invite you to explore the true light that you have inside of you. 

I'd like you to invite you to join me and become a master builder

A master builder, building your own future. A master builder, building your own creations. A master builder of sovereignty. A master builder turning on your own inner light to shine, because as we know, light illuminates the path so that you can see.

And within the program that I am guided to download or let’s say receive and deliver, through a loving cohort, infinity pods of light, people, communities come together that all on the same journey. 

This is where we recode, this is where we rewire, this is where we recreate and rebuild a new reality for you and a new reality for the new world. We are being asked to come together to do this and step away from the matrix.

So if you are feeling called to really start shining your inner light, to be able to switch on your own internal network of light, to have guidance and support to show you the path with the connections, (back to lightening engineer analogies) which is all the energetics and the junctions to know which road to go when you get to the crossroads, to the switches, to know that we are living in this world of 3D where we have the horizontal of everything that we need to do but we're also connected to the vertical, which is to spirit and to source and to mother earth.

So as I said, we are recoding, we are rewiring, we are re recreating. We are rebuilding your whole network together in an infinity pod of light.

I would love you to join us. If you want to know more, please reach out.


Oh do you want to know more about the term Master Builder, well it is defined as follows:

 “A master builder is recognised as such, not only for his ability to rear a magnificent structure after plans have been prepared for his guidance, but because of his ability to comprehend those plans, and to skill-fully weave together the crude materials which make up the strength, the harmony, the beauty, the stateliness of the construction which grow in his hands from a made foundation to a magnificent habitation.”


Sounds amazing aye?


Just think that is what we will be doing

Creating the ability to create your manifesting LIFE

Prepare and have guidance on your plans (blueprints)

Skill-fully weave together all of the knowledge and awareness that you hold inside (and its infinite believe me)

To make strength, harmony, beauty, (stateliness – meaning dignity) of your life so YOU (not the building) can grow in the hand of god, the universe, the divine, whatever word you use. 

To create a magnificent habitation, which is the NEW EARTH.


We are all being called. 


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